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The most convenient way to get around the beautiful city of Dubai or beyond is with a car. If you want to combine the pleasant with the useful, renting a sports car is very interesting. It allows you to enjoy a comfortable drive and rides in the city.

In this article, you will find all the information you need to rent a cheap sports car in Dubai.

Presentation of cheap sports cars for rent in Dubai

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porshe, McLaren, Corvette and more, the sports cars for rent in Dubai are very powerful. They are real racing machines that make your driving enjoyable. 

Sports car rental in Dubai offers innovative models of cars that carry a powerful engine and a high-performance braking system. They guarantee you a comfortable drive thanks to a design that combines the requirements of speed, acceleration and road holding. These different cars come in multiple designs. They are practical for XXL races.
The conditions of cheap sports car rental in Dubai

After the stage of choosing the make and model of your cheap sports car and defining the days and hours of your rental, you have to fulfill a number of obligations when renting a car in Dubai.

Indeed, to rent a cheap sports car in Dubai, it is important to have :

- A credit or debit card: it determines your financial capacity and shows that you can pay all the costs necessary to rent the car

- A valid passport or residence card: it not only proves your identity, but also that you meet the age requirements for driving in Dubai

- Your reservation form: to confirm your rental process

- Your driver's license or that of all the drivers if the rental is for a group: to show that you can drive a car

However, some convertible car rental companies in Dubai may add special provisions to the rental agreement. It is therefore important to always inquire about all the conditions related to the rental. This is a prerequisite to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

As a reminder, car reservations are made by paying an advance on the rental fee.

Cheap sports car rental rates in Dubai

Cheap sports car rental rates in Dubai differ from one car rental company to another. They generally take into account the cost of the sports car rental and other additional charges such as mandatory insurance fees, abandonment fees, airport taxes, local taxes and the cost of rental services.

You can compare the best deals from suppliers by using a price comparison tool. Prices may vary depending on travel dates, vehicle type and pickup location. 

Furthermore, by using a price comparison tool, you are more likely to find one of the best rental offers on the market.

Generally speaking, cheap sports car rental in Dubai costs on average.

Useful tips

- You can cancel your reservation in case of unforeseen circumstances. Many companies offer free cancellation. However, some companies may charge you a penalty fee before you receive a refund. It is therefore important to find out in advance.

- The laws regarding speeding are very strict in Dubai. You should not exceed the speed limits imposed in the different areas. As a reminder, the limit is generally 25km/h for parking areas, 40km/h on urban two-way roads and 60km/h on urban two-way roads. 

However, in rural areas, the speed limit is 100km/h and 140km/h on highways. It should be noted that you are liable to penalties if you drive too far below the imposed limits.

- Dubai is a city where Sharia law is omnipresent. It is therefore forbidden to consume alcohol, let alone drive. But it should be noted that non-Muslims are not subject to this restriction. They can therefore order alcohol and consume it without fear of being stopped. 

All in all, Dubai is a great city to live in. If you want to have a pleasant stay, renting a sports car is an excellent idea to discover the wonders of this country that we hear so much about.