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Dubai is a destination of choice for many travellers. As the world's fastest-growing city, it offers a wide range of activities to enhance your stay. If on the ground it mesmerizes with the beauty of its skyscrapers, in the air it takes on an even more captivating perspective. Explore Dubai from the air, with a variety of aerial activities at your fingertips.

What can you do in Dubai from the air?

If you're planning a visit to Dubai, it's a good idea to find out about the many aerial activities it has to offer. Fly over this sophisticated city and see it from a different angle. And don't forget to immortalize these precious moments by taking beautiful photos.

Helicopter flight

Climb aboard a helicopter for a flight over the city's iconic sites. Choose from 12-, 15- or 25-minute flights. These vary according to the itinerary. Take-off takes place at the Helidubai Jumeirah heliport.

From the air, you'll see futuristic skyscrapers, starting with the Burj Khalifa. With a 360° view, you can contemplate the imposing architecture of the world's tallest tower, also the landmark of Dubai. The tour continues over the Palm Jumeirah archipelago and the city's vast sandy expanses. This tour guarantees an exceptional view.

Hot-air balloon flight

Would you like to see every detail of the Emirati desert? A hot-air balloon flight will guarantee you an unusual view. Early in the morning, drive to the take-off site and climb into a hot-air balloon. Take to the skies and enjoy the view of the sunrise and the hawks flying at thousands of altitudes.

You'll fly over the dunes and observe the beautiful relief they create. Keep an eye out for passing camels and the oasis that will soon appear. At the end of the ride, once on the ground, enjoy a delicious gourmet buffet.

The sky views

The Sky View is the most impressive attraction in Dubai. It's an observation platform located in the tallest twin tower of "The Address Sky View". A glass elevator takes you up to this platform. On the way up, you'll enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Once up there, you'll be able to admire breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa and the turquoise waters.

The second twin tower houses the Sky Edge Walk. This involves walking on a glass platform at a height of around 220m. This activity is perfect for thrill-seekers. Defy gravity and take the 45m hands-free walk.

Parachute jumping

Skydiving is Dubai's main activity. The city has just one skydiving center with two drop-off points. The first is in Palm Jumeirah and the second in the heart of the desert. As for the course of the activity, an instructor will explain the safety rules to be applied during the jump.

In mid-air, at an altitude of 3000 to 5000m, the instructor will prepare you for the tandem jump. He'll stand behind you to accompany you as you jump. A second instructor will be in front to immortalize the moment. As you descend to 1500m, the instructor opens the parachute. The descent becomes abruptly slow and lasts about 8 minutes. You'll enjoy a magnificent view, contemplating the archipelago in all its splendor.

The zip line

Want to combine breathtaking views with an adrenalin rush? A zip-line descent is just what you need! Dubai offers you the chance to descend the world's longest urban zip line, measuring 950 meters.

Securely strapped in and belly-down, let yourself glide between the skyscrapers. At a speed of 80 km/h, you'll feel as if you're gliding through Dubai's most spectacular buildings.

The parasailing

Would you like to discover Dubai from a different angle? Then parasailing is for you. It's a nautical activity that takes you up high to admire the immensity of the JBR and the beauty of the city. Yes, it's just one more activity to enjoy the thrill.

Explore the breathtaking views of Dubai Marina and Palm Island, as well as other breathtaking attractions. You'll soar over 152m above the water, if the wind cooperates. You can do it solo, duo or trio. Multiple departures are available, depending on schedules.

How much does it cost to fly in Dubai?

Prices vary according to the activity. For a parachute jump, you can spend between €400 and €500. A hot-air balloon ride costs around €320. For around €92, you can already afford parasailing.

The zip-line descent costs around €160 if you go solo. A ticket to the Sky View Observatory costs around €21. As for the helicopter flight, the price starts at around €160 and increases according to the number of minutes.

Only from the air will you appreciate the immensity of this city and its overpowering power. The many activities on offer will not only give you a magnificent view, but will also leave you with pleasant memories.