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The Desert of Dubai is located at the exit of the city of Dubai, more precisely at a few kilometers from this city. It is a huge landscape filled with dunes and golden-colored sand. With an area of 650,000 km² of landThe Dubai desert stretches from the United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia via Oman and Yemen. It abounds in many very comfortable hotels. It is a real tourist attraction. In the following article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the desert Dubai.

How to get to the Dubai desert?

The desert of Dubai is a vast place filled with sand as far as the eye can see. You might as well say it, its access is not at all easy. It is therefore important to take precautions before going there. The most suitable means of transportation to travel safely through this place are the following: the 4 x 4s, the quad bikess, the motorcycless, the buggiess, the camelss, the dromedariess, the hot air balloons.

What are the possible activities in the desert of Dubai?

It is possible to practice many activities in the desert of Dubai. The list of these activities is quite long and it is important for you to have guides who will accompany you. You can do a safari in 4 times 4 followed by a dinner in the middle of the dunes.

You have the possibility to organize a excursion in quads or buggies to do stunts. If you prefer camels, a short walk on the backs of camels or dromedaries will do you good. In addition, a flight in a hot air balloon will allow you to see from above the extent of this beautiful desert. In addition, there are sightseeing tours can be made in this place.

How to choose a desert safari in Dubai?

If you are in Dubai and want to do any desert safari in Dubai, you should know that these activities are usually included in your accommodation. So it will not cause you any problems to make your safari. However, It is important for you to choose a hotel that is close and easy to reach, because a closer hotel will cost you less.

However, you must be driven by professionals to avoid getting lost. You should know that the easiest dunes to access for your safari are in 20-25 km of Dubai. For a more interesting safari, the best dunes are located in 50 km of the city.

What is the price of a desert safari in Dubai?

To choose a safari in the desert of Dubai, it is important to know the prices. A safari in 4 x 4 or quad costs on average 80 euros. For an outing in a buggy on the other hand it costs between 460 and 490 euros. An overnight stay in the desert costs on average 150 euros while a luxury accommodation is 165 euros. If you want to do a hot air balloon flight, you will spend at least 320 euros. The price of the safari depends on your preference and the means at your disposal.

Where to sleep in the desert of Dubai?

There are many hotels where you can rest during your stay in the Dubai desert. We have made for you a list of the best hotels where you can sleep during your excursions and safaris. The most interesting and traditional hotels are: the Al Mahathe Mysk Al Faya Retreatthe Bab Al Shams Desert Resortand the Mysk Al Badayer Retreat. The best desert camps of Dubai are: the Magic Camps and the The Starlightcamp. The best hotel to spend your vacations in complete independence is : Alreef Farm. They are very comfortable hotels and their rates are affordable. Moreover, one of their major assets is that they are very close to the city of Dubai. You can make your reservations at any time.

Where to eat in the desert of Dubai (restaurant)

There are many restaurants where you can enjoy good food in compliance with hygiene standards. We have made a list of the best restaurants that will treat you to make your stay unforgettable. We have: the The Pm P (he does American and Italian dishes), the Nara Desert Escape (he makes dishes from Mexico, Lebanon, the Middle East and the Mediterranean). We can also mention: the Sonara Camp Al Wadi, Ras Al Khaimah which makes French, Arab and Mediterranean dishes, the Starbucks and the The Bombay Talkies Restaurant. These restaurants are among the most popular in the Dubai desert.