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Renting a convertible car in Dubai is a convenient way to have a vehicle for your various errands in one of the most prestigious cities in the world. It provides you with a convenient way to travel both outside and inside the city of Dubai.
In the rest of this article, you will discover all the information you need to rent a cheap convertible car in Dubai.

Presentation of the Cabriolet car rental Dubai

Several companies offer cheap convertible car rentals throughout Dubai. Cabriolet cars are beautiful sports cars or prestigious roadsters to accompany you on your rides in one of the most luxurious cities in the world.
Cheap convertible cars for rent in Dubai will give you unforgettable memories. You can drive in a state-of-the-art model without a roof to match your taste.
Indeed, convertible cars symbolize freedom and speed. They make you dream by their sublime shape. In Dubai, driving a convertible car is a symbol of wealth and success. Not only is it practical for all your travels in the city, but it adds to your notoriety. For an unforgettable vacation to be immortalized by precious souvenir photos, nothing is better than choosing a Cabriolet.
Cabriolets are available under different brands. We can mention Mercedes, Audi, Rolls-Royce... These are economical models that do not consume too much fuel. This allows you to save money.

Convertible car rental conditions in Dubai

Have you decided on the make and model of your convertible car and confirmed the day and time of booking? Let's see now the requirements for car rental in Dubai.

Indeed, to rent a convertible car in Dubai, it is important to have :

- A credit or debit card: to show your financial capacity to rent the vehicle in question and meet the inherent expenses.

- Your passport: To prove your identity and verify age requirements. It is not possible to rent a car for people under 21 years old.

- Your reservation form: to confirm your rental process

- Your driver's license or that of all the drivers if it is a group rental

However, sometimes some convertible car rental companies in Dubai issue special provisions for the rental. Therefore, it is important to always inquire about all the rental conditions to avoid any disappointment. As a reminder, the reservation is made by paying an advance. This varies depending on the company.

Convertible car rental rates Dubai

Convertible car rental rates in Dubai are different from one car rental company to another. They mainly depend on the rental costs of the Cabriolet itself and other additional charges such as:

  • Mandatory insurance costs
  • Abandonment fees
  • Airport taxes
  • Local taxes
  • The costs of the ancillary rental services

To get the best cheap car rental rates for convertible in Dubai, you need to use the price comparison service. This is an online service that allows you to compare car rental prices by ranking them from cheapest to highest, depending on the options you choose. Clearly, the cheap convertible car rental in Dubai allows you to identify the most advantageous price for your rental.
Generally speaking, a cheap convertible car rental in Dubai costs on average between $90 and $145 per day.

Useful tips

  • It is possible to cancel your reservation. While many companies offer free cancellation, some companies charge a penalty fee before refunding your reservation - Dubai is very strict about speed limits. It is therefore important not to exceed the speed limits imposed in different areas. The speed limit is generally 25km/h for parking areas, 40km/h on urban two-way roads and 60km/h on urban two-way roads.

In rural areas, the speed limit is 100km/h and 140km/h on highways. It should be noted that you can also be penalized if you drive too far below the speed limit. It is up to the road safety authorities to determine the speed limit below which drivers cannot drive. Hence the need to be well informed.

- As far as alcohol consumption is concerned, it is important to know that Dubai is a city where Sharia law has a strong influence. As a result, drinking alcohol is not very well seen. However, it should be noted that there is a certain tolerance to alcohol consumption for non-Muslims.