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Jetour X70 Plus ( 7 seats )

87.99 /jour

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Discover excellence on wheels with the Jetour X70 Plus ( 7 seats ), a perfect fusion of elegance and performance. Designed to redefine the driving experience in Dubai, this car embodies luxury and technological advancement. At every turn, feel the harmonious power of its engine and the precision of its handling.

Let yourself be seduced by its refined design, combining aerodynamic lines and sophisticated details. The spacious, ergonomic interior offers unrivalled comfort for every journey through the wonders of Dubai. Awaken your senses with intuitive connectivity. Immerse yourself in an immersive multimedia experience and enjoy a space where luxury meets functionality.

The 7-seater Jetour X70 Plus pushes the boundaries of innovation with its advanced safety features, giving you absolute peace of mind during your escapades. Its unrivalled performance on Dubai's roads promises an unforgettable driving experience.

Book this technological marvel now at www.dream-dubai.com and immerse yourself in an automotive adventure where comfort, luxury and performance meet in harmony. Embark on an exceptional experience in the heart of Dubai. Every kilometer will transport you to new horizons of sophistication and pleasure.


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